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Recent releases and recordings:


Carl Dewhurst

Drop Ten

Carl Dewhurst


Susan Gai Dowling and Carl Dewhurst

Self Titled

Carl Dewhurst

Drainpipe Blue

Showa 44

Event Two

Carl Dewhurst

Old Man Rock

Jade MacRae

Handle Me With Care

Frances Madden

Beautiful World

Matt MacMahon & Carl Dewhurst

Trapeze For Two Atoms


Sara O'Connor:

Dark All Day


As Leader or Co-leader/ collaborator:


Carl Dewhurst:

Old Man Rock - 2020

Drainpipe Blue - 2021

Dutrem - 2022

Drop Ten (single) - 2022

Wichita Lineman (single) - 2021

Carl Dewhurst and Susan Gai Dowling

Self Titled - 2022

Carl Dewhurst and Matt McMahon

Trapeze For Two Atoms - 2019

Carl Dewhurst Quartet:

Put Put Put, Sitting Bull Productions (SBP001) - 2000

Live, Jazzgroove Records (JGR010) – 2004


Carl Dewhurst Trio:

Seventy (standards) – Independent release 2006


Showa 44:

Showa 44, Kimnara Records  (NARA001) - 2005

Ormus, Kimnara Records (NARA 005) – 2007

Orneon, Kimnara Records – 2010

Kaihogyo, Kimnara Records - 2018

Event Two, Kimnara Records - 2021


The Drip Hards:

This Is Dripping, Jazzgroove Records – JGR50 - 2010



Sleepytime Jazz Guitar, ABC Music (R-301546-2) – 2009


Daorum, Kimnara Records


Trace Spere:

Gathering Rains, Kimnara Records

The Antripodean Collective:

Shank 2016

Mary Rapp, Simon Barker, Carl Dewhurst:

By ONe of thE night

Scott McConnachie, Simon Barker, Carl Dewhurst:

Rock Dog



Side Of Clues, Newmarket Music (NEW1054.2) 1994

As sideman/ soloist

Lisa Parrott:

Round Tripper

Simon Barker:

On Running

Stu Hunter:

The Migration.

20th Century Dog:

Mad Stream, Jazzgroove Records (JGR025) 2005

Live at 505, Independent release 2007



Telepathy, Jazzgroove Records (JGR026) 2005

Andrew Dickson Quartet:

The Song Is You - 2018



Kidzen, Future Classic – 2006


Cameron Undy & Fiona Johnson:

Beads of Light, Point Light  - - 2004


Phil Slater:

Strobe Coma Virgo, Newmarket Records (NEW3116.2)


Gest 8:

Kaleidoscope, Tall Poppies  TP195, 2008

Roger Manins and Bernie McGann

Latitude 2010


Evan Mannell:

Fineline, Morrison Records (MR011)


Nicholas McBride:

Bandika, Seed Music (Seed003) - 1998

Rectangle, Jazzgroove Records (JGR002) – 2001

Mark de Clive-Lowe
Vision, Tap Records (TAP004) 1998


Mike Nock:

The Pulse , Jazzhead (HEAD020)


Eon Beats Project:

See The Light, Eonic Grooves – 2004


Ephie Resnick:

The Struggle, Basho records (SRCD2-2) 1997


Ashley Turner:
Beautiful Open Spaces, La Brava Music (LB0061)


Noel Elmowy:

Feelin Good, Independent (NJE001)


With Vocalists:

Jade MacRae:

Handle Me With Care - 2020


Sara O'Conner


Dark All Day

Lily Dior:

Clear Day, Jazzgroove Records (JG019)

The Pulse, Jazzhead (HEAD020)


Susan Gai Dowling:

Wheres Love Gone? Newmarket Music (NEW3106.2)

Yellow Daze, Independent release

In Summer, Independent

David Campbell

Back In The Swing


Paul Capsis:

Everybody Wants To Touch Me,


Catherine Hunter:

Seam, Independent Release - 1998

Dream Maker, ABC Jazz (ABC4765273) 2006


Vince Jones:

Moving Through Taboos


Countdown Spectacular:

Live 2, ABC (LIBCD92542) 2007

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