Recent releases and recordings:

Matt MacMahon & Carl Dewhurst

Trapeze For Two Atoms


Showa 44:


Mary Rapp, Simon Barker, Carl Dewhurst:

By ONe of thE night

Scott McConnachie, Simon Barker, Carl Dewhurst:

Rock Dog


Andrew Dickson Quartet:

The Song Is You

Sara O'Connor:


Carl Dewhurst Quartet:

Put Put Put, Sitting Bull Productions (SBP001) - 2000

Live, Jazzgroove Records (JGR010) – 2004


Carl Dewhurst Trio:

Seventy (standards) – Independent release 2006


Showa 44:

Showa 44, Kimnara Records  (NARA001) - 2005

Ormus, Kimnara Records (NARA 005) – 2007

Orneon, Kimnara Records – 2010

Kaihogyo, Kimnara Records - 2018


The Drip Hards:

This Is Dripping, Jazzgroove Records – JGR50 - 2010



Sleepytime Jazz Guitar, ABC Music (R-301546-2) – 2009

Lisa Parrott:

Round Tripper

Simon Barker:

On Running


Daorum, Kimnara Records

Trace Spere:

Gathering Rains, Kimnara Records

Stu Hunter:

The Migration.

20th Century Dog:

Mad Stream, Jazzgroove Records (JGR025) 2005

Live at 505, Independent release 2007



Telepathy, Jazzgroove Records (JGR026) 2005



Kidzen, Future Classic – 2006


Cameron Undy & Fiona Johnson:

Beads of Light, Point Light  - - 2004


Phil Slater:

Strobe Coma Virgo, Newmarket Records (NEW3116.2)


Side Of Clues, Newmarket Music (NEW1054.2) 1994


Gest 8:

Kaleidoscope, Tall Poppies  TP195, 2008


Evan Mannell:

Fineline, Morrison Records (MR011)


Nicholas McBride:

Bandika, Seed Music (Seed003) - 1998

Rectangle, Jazzgroove Records (JGR002) – 2001

Mark de Clive-Lowe
Vision, Tap Records (TAP004) 1998


Mike Nock:

The Pulse , Jazzhead (HEAD020)


Eon Beats Project:

See The Light, Eonic Grooves – 2004


Ephie Resnick:

The Struggle, Basho records (SRCD2-2) 1997


Ashley Turner:
Beautiful Open Spaces, La Brava Music (LB0061)


Noel Elmowy:

Feelin Good, Independent (NJE001)


With Vocalists:


Lily Dior:

Clear Day, Jazzgroove Records (JG019)

The Pulse, Jazzhead (HEAD020)


Susan Gai Dowling:

Wheres Love Gone? Newmarket Music (NEW3106.2)

Yellow Daze, Independent release

In Summer, Independent


Paul Capsis:

Everybody Wants To Touch Me,


Catherine Hunter:

Seam, Independent Release - 1998

Dream Maker, ABC Jazz (ABC4765273) 2006


Vince Jones:

Moving Through Taboos


Countdown Spectacular:

Live 2, ABC (LIBCD92542) 2007